PF in Luapula Accuses MMD, ECZ Of Collusion

THE Patriotic Front in Luapula Province says MMD and the Electoral Commission of Zambia have connived to reject a
resumptionof the voter
verification exercise so that people from opposition strongholds can be disenfranchised.
In an interview, provincial secretary Samuel Chitonge said it was clear from the numerous errors on the voters register that the errors were not a one-off thing but rampant.
Chitonge, who is also Mwansabombwe PF member of parliament, said the numerous irregularities appearing in the details of many voters would multiply at voting time. He said a lot of pro-change youths in the nation would be left out simply because ECZ and theMMD wanted to continue abusing public resources together. “I appeal to our party leadership at national level to buy many copies of the voters register from ECZ so that we can conduct our own voter
We want to do it so that we can expose ECZ and its hypocrisy.
This problem has affected mainly new voters, the majority
of whom are youths. And MMD knows that most of the youths in this country are supporting the opposition, especially PF. Here in Luapula there are a lot of errors on the register…,” said Chitonge.