Ex-Mansa Town Clerk Ditches MMD, Joins PF

FORMER Mansa town clerk Bwanga Kapumpa has withdrawn his bid to stand as MMD Mufulira Central Constituency member of parliament following Sylvia Masebo’s resignation from the ruling party.
Kapumpa, who resigned as town clerk for Mansa last week, said many public service workers and cabinet ministers are trapped in supporting MMD because of protecting jobs.
He narrated that people had advised him that meaningful contribution towards national development could only be done if he stood on the PF ticket.
He said the reality is that PF is forming the next government.
“As leaders, we must listen to people and I have followed their advice in order to lead them properly and all my family including my elder brother Mumba Kapumpa are PF, so I did not want to create an impression that we have differences,” Kapumpa said.
He said PF has laid enough ground work to form the next government because the party has become a progressive force.
“People will wonder why I applied for adoption under MMD but it is because of what I describe as smart politics and to some of us close to Hon. Sylvia Masebo, we knew a long time ago that she has left MMD though she went ahead to contest at the convention,” said Kapumpa.
“Many government workers are Ttrapped because of work and other factors even ministers are just waiting for an opportunity since, politics is about right timing hence I have escaped this trap. Of course, MMD will say ‘we didn’t even want to adopt him’ but that is their right and it is my choice to become PF.”
And more than 600 UPND members together with senior officials in Mufulira district have defected to the PF, saying they want to be part of the process of change of government.
“We want to see a united
opposition to be led by a popular
candidate to take on the corrupt
MMD in this year’s general
elections and it is undisputable
that the PF is a popular party
and people want change.
The PF is not popular for
nothing, it is popular because its
values and ideas of running
government have given hope to
Zambians especially here on the
Copperbelt,” said Chinda.
Among the officials who led the
defectors include district
chairman for propaganda Simon
Banda, publicity secretary
Trywell Ndhlovu and Justine
Chisenga who was the district
secretary and women’s
secretary Annette Chewe Lukonde.