Guy Scot Calls For Enforcement Mechanism Of Electoral Code Of Conduct

Lusaka Central Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Guy Scot says there is need to strengthen enforcement mechanisms for the electoral code of conduct.
Mr. Scot told QFM that the current electoral code of conduct is ineffective as it contains a lot of loopholes which result in the incumbent government having an advantage over other players.
He says past experiences of electoral malpractices and post elections violence can be attributed to the weak electoral code of conduct.
The Member of Parliament further says if adherence levels of the code of conduct are to be enhanced; the Electoral Commission of Zambia should ensure that action is taken on stakeholders that breach the code.
The Electoral Commission of Zambia is expected to release the revised electoral code of conduct soon.
And The United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has echoed his Patriotic Front counterparts’ sentiments adding that the issue of the electoral code of conduct has been a challenge.
Mr. Kakoma says the non enforcement of the electoral code of conduct raises conflicts among political players as other stakeholders tend to have an upper hand over others.
The UPND spokesperson has also accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of being aligned to the ruling party MMD.
Party spokesperson Charles Kakoma has charged that the autonomy of the commission is questionable as it has been manipulated by the MMD government.
Mr. Kakoma has observed that a number of complaints raised by opposition political parties are not fully addressed by the ECZ adding that this undermines and puts the impartiality of the commission in doubt.

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