HH Concludes ‘Flopped’ CB Tour, Heads to Western Province

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has concluded his ‘flopped’ tour of the Copperbelt province saying he is satisfied.
And HH will on Wednesday travel to Western province for a series of rallies. UPND vice president Richard Kapita explained that people saying his party is failing to attract people to the rallies are jittery.
He further said such statements do not bother his party because they are made by people think they own Copperbelt but are now panicking.
Kapita explained that despite the ongoing trade fair in Ndola, people have been turning out in large numbers to listen to the message of real change. He said party president HH on Sunday toured all the markets in Ndola and took time to talk to common people and explain the policies of the party.
Kapita maintained that his party is gaining ground in the Copperbelt. He urged people who want to see how the UPND is gaining ground on the Copperblet should tune to Muvi TV and see the recorded rallies on selected days. He said his party will not get all the votes from the Copperblet but that it will get enough to upset the tables.
Kapita revealed HH will Tuesday morning feature on radio Icengelo in Kitwe to explain the policies of his party. Kapita said Hichilema will then proceed to Western province via Lusaka where claimed huge crowds await him.
Kapita, however, said for five days Hichilema will preach real change in Western Province and ask the people to reject recycled leaders.
HH is also expected to explain how his party will resolve the Barotseland once elected into office.

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