Remain Steadfast In Quest To Kickout MMD – Lubinda

Patriotic Front Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has called on Zambians to be steadfast in the quest to remove the MMD from power.
Mr. Lubinda says it is clear that the MMD government has completely failed the Zambia people.
He cites the failure by the local authorities to deliver necessary services to the people as an example that the MMD has failed.
He adds that the continued blame by the ruling party on the Patriotic Front run-councils is an indication of failure on the part of the MMD.
Mr. Lubinda in an interview with QFM says Zambians should wake up and turnout in numbers on the day of elections in order to remove the failed administration of the MMD from power.
He says the failed development policies of the MMD have resulted in the ruling party hoodwinking Zambians with last minute promises of development such as the installation solar geysers.