MMD Councillors In Central Province Defect To UPND

Three councilors from Vice president George Kunda’s constituency Muchinga have today announced their defection to the opposition United Party for National Development UPND.
And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded that republican president Rupiah Banda dissolves parliament to allow for fair campaigns to take place.
Mr. Hichilema has claimed that government ministers are using state resources to quietly campaign in the name of inspecting projects.
He says the abuse of resources is taking place in the open because of the delay by President Banda to dissolve parliament. Mr. Hichilema states that the UPND is ready for the elections, adding that victory is assured.
Meanwhile the MMD councilors who have defected to the opposition UPND have cited the failure by the MMD to lead to people to people’s expectations as the basis for their resignation.
The defectors say the MMD has no chance of winning this year’s elections because of the type of leadership being provided in the party. Andrew Mpyakula of Chibale ward spoke on behalf of the defectors.

[Disclaimer:This story is not yet verified]