Rupiah Within Constitution On Election Date – Press Association of Zambia

The Press Association of Zambia says it is within President Rupiah Banda’s constitutional mandate to keep the election date a secret.

PAZA vice president Amos Chanda has however has predicted that the 2011 general election might be held on the last Thursday of September.

Mr Chanda says with the delay in the announcement of the election date by the president, Zambia might have elections towards the end of September.

He says president Rupiah Banda is still within his constitutional mandate by not announcing the election date.

There are growing calls by different stakeholders for president Rupiah Banda to announce the dissolution of parliament, and subsequently announce the date of elections.

Recently, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema called on president Banda to immediately dissolve parliament and announce the date for elections in order to create a level playing field for campaigns.

Mr Hichilema pointed to the fact some government ministers who are members of parliament are still using government resources to campaign because parliament has not yet been dissolved.