Checkpoints Becoming A Nuisance, Says C/belt Police Chief

COPPERBELT police commanding officer Dr Martin Malama says traffic police checkpoints are becoming a nuisance owing to the many bribery allegations from the travelling public.

Recently there has been an outcry by transporters and the motorists on the increasing demand of bribes by traffic police.

“We got the complaints as well, we will investigate the overall reports and act appropriately because our mission statement maintains that we should be relevant to the community,” he said.

“This is why we practically decided to do away with roadblocks because they are a nuisance. Quite alright they are a good security measure but they have ceased to serve their purpose because of certain individuals who have really become a nuisance and we’ll have to revisit operations of these checkpoints because they are strategic security points.”

Meanwhile the Zambia Police Force in collaboration with their Congolese counterparts successfully managed to find a 58-year-old Zambian man who was abducted into Congo by three armed Congolese robbers on Saturday.

Dr Malama confirmed the development in an interview and said the vehicle belonging to the victim Ackim Majuda of Mufulira had also been recovered.

“I am very happy to report that we have tirelessly collaborated with our counterparts in the DRC since this man was abducted two days ago,” Dr Malama said.

“This man, Majuda of house number J128 was abducted into Congo and his vehicle a twincab registration number ABH 529 white in colour was also snatched but has since been recovered.”

He said all the armed robbers involved in the abduction have been arrested in Congo.

Dr Malama said Majuda returned to Zambia on Sunday evening while his vehicle remained in Congo for formalities to be finished.