Corruption Has Compromised Quality Of Education – UNICEF

CORRUPTION has compromised the quality of education in Zambia, says the UNICEF education chief.

During a media breakfast in Lusaka, Hassan Ali Mohamed said the government had the obligation to ensure compulsory and free education for all children.

He said the media had the responsibility to report on the progress towards the attainment of quality and equitable education.

“We need people that are honest and not corrupt ones for Zambia to have quality education,” said Mohamed on Friday.

He said to attain quality education, the pupil-teacher ratio should be reduced to a manageable number.

He said it was unrealistic for one teacher to provide quality education to 200 pupils.

In remote areas, one teacher is in charge of five grades translating into over 200 pupils without study books.

Mohamed said pupils learnt and developed at different levels and the number in a classroom needed to be reduced to between 18 and 20.

“We need to hold accountable duty bearers, which includes the government. 15,000 pregnancies last year were reported to have come from teachers not only classmates. That’s true, I mean let’s be honest this is true,” he said.

Mohamed implored the media to do investigative reporting on the state of education at national and sub-regional levels with focus on the unreached, marginalised and excluded groups.