Kazabu Accuses RB Of Corrupting Electorate

LACKSON Kazabu says President Rupiah Banda has been trying to corrupt the voters using various means such as selling houses cheaply to Zambians.
In an interview, Kazabu said the voters were well aware of the MMD government’s tactics.

“What he should know is that voters of 2006 are different from today’s voters. The voters we have today know very well what the MMD government is up to,” said Kazabu, a former Kitwe mayor.

He said it was not right for the MMD government to discourage people from voting for the opposition under the guise of development.

He said some traditional rulers had gone too far by aligning themselves with certain political parties.

He said the role of chiefs in chiefdoms was to ensure order and unity as opposed to engaging in active politics.

“It breaks my heart to see some chiefs campaigning for political parties, the constitution prohibits them from doing this. We don’t mind if the MMD employs whatever tactics they can but not using chiefs,” said Kazabu.

During a rally at Kazinze grounds in Sinazongwe on Friday, President Banda announced the sale of 838 houses belonging to Maamba Collieries pegged between K300,000 and K4 million.

President Banda read out the names of some deceased Maamba residents whose houses would be offered to surviving children and relatives.
Recently, President Banda offered houses for sale to people in Ndola and Kitwe on the Copperbelt.