Namulambe, Liato Next To Defect?

MMD chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambe(on top) and Labour and social security minister Austin Liato(bottom with President Rupiah Banda)are some of the high profile officials thought to be planning to defect to the opposition Patriotic Front.
Sources within the MMD have told QFM that looming defections from the ruling party to the opposition are said to be creating uncertainty among the senior members of the party.
Sources say Mr. Namulambe and Mr. Liato are some of the high ranking government and party officials planning to defect to the opposition Patriotic Front.
QFM radio has been exclusively informed that some high ranking senior members of the ruling MMD are blaming president Rupiah Banda for the diminishing support of the MMD.
Some members are thought to be blaming the propaganda strategy through programmes such as stand up for Zambia by Chanda Chimba the third as one of the reasons the MMD is said to be losing its grip on the Zambian political scene.
Efforts to get comments from the two proved futile.
Former MMD national Secretary Katele Kalumba was quoted by radio Phoenix yesterday as saying that two ministers plan to ditch the ruling party completing defections of senior party officials to the opposition PF.

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