Stop Parading Children As Defectors, Fr Mwewa Urges MMD

CATHOLIC Dioceses of Ndola treasurer general Fr. Augustine Mwewa has urged the MMD to stop parading children as defectors.

On Saturday the MMD paraded children as 125 PF defectors during a rally in Nkwazi that was addressed by party spokesperson Dora Siliya.

In an interview, one of the children at the rally, Chisela Mulenga, 14 said he was not a PF member but just wanted to benefit from the chitenge materials that Siliya was giving out to the defectors.

“I have come with my friends. We were told that the MMD party was giving out chitenge materials and that we should say that we are from PF. So I just want to get a chitenge for my mother,” he said.

Asked how many people were asked to pose as PF defectors, Mulenga said that some MMD members were going round Nkwazi compound asking residents to go to the rally and pose as PF defectors in exchange for chitenge materials and money.
But Fr Mwewa said the MMD should stop abusing children by parading them as defectors.

During a general small Christian meeting (Ichitente) held in Nkwazi on Saturday, Fr Mwewa complained of the MMD’s behaviour.

“This is abusing children. What the MMD is supposed to be doing is to encourage children to be going to school and not parading them as defectors at political rallies. Children need our protection and to be abusing them like the way the MMD party is doing is sad. This is very unfortunate. This is a sad development,” he said.

“Women and children should be educated on the importance of elections. Elections are not just about giving out chitenge materials.”