EAZ To Carry Out Debates Among Political Parties

The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) has announced that starting next week; it will host a series of debates among political parties at aimed at helping them present their economic and social policies.

EAZ president Isaac Ngoma announced at a media briefing held at the Golden bridge hotel in Lusaka.

Mr. Ngoma says the debates will be centred on issues and topics corresponding to the present ministerial portfolios and that each party will be asked to nominate a different representative for each debate.

He said the objective of the debates will be to help the general public understand the issues and choices that confront them.

Mr. Ngoma hopes that voters will use the debates to challenge and engage those who will seek office to represent them in parliament and councils, as well as those who compete for presidency.

He also hopes that Zambians and non-Zambians who have the welfare of the country at heart and who will participate in economic affairs as investors, traders, financial institutions and cooperating partners will also gain insights into the respective parties policies.

And Mr. Ngoma has deplored recent violence against members of the press.

He however hopes that all media outlets in Zambia will make a much stronger effort to report comprehensively and impartially on the forth coming elections.

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