Six PF ‘Rebels’ Adopted On The MMD Ticket As Machungwa Goes To Kabwata

“Rebel” Luapula Constituency Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Dr Peter Machungwa has been adopted to stand in Lusaka’s Kabwata Constituuency on the MMD ticket, along five other PF MPs adopted to stand in various constituencies on the ruling party ticket.

The five other PF MPs are Bahati’s Besa Chimbaka who is also Luapula Province Minister, Dr Jacob Choongo (Mwense), Faustina Sinyangwe (Matero), Majory Mwape who was MP for a constituency in Mufulira who has been fielded in  Munali constituency in Lusaka and Elizabeth Mulobeka Chitika will re-contest her Kawambwa seat.

Other opposition MPs adopted to stand on the MMD ticket are National Democratic Focus (NDF) president Ben Mwila who is standing in Nchelenge Constituency, UPND MP Robby Chizyuka who will re-contest his Namwala seat, UPND’s Josephine Limata will re-contest her Luampa seat, FDD’s Levy Ngoma (Sinda) and UNIP’s Mkhondo Lungu (Lundazi) will also stand on the MMD ticket.

The ruling MMD has become the first political party to announce adopted Members of Parliament to contest on its ticket in this year’s election.

And the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) has adopted six opposition Patriotic Front and two United Party for National Development UPND MPs to contest on its ticket.

Others include National Democratic Focus (NDF) President Ben Mwila who is standing in Nchelenge Constituency while nominated Finance and National Planning Minister Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane is standing in Liuwa constituency.

Expelled Namwala UPND MP Major Robbie Chizhyuka will re-contest his seat on the MMD ticket and so will another UPND bigwig Josephine Limata who will re-contest the Luampa constituency seat on the ruling party ticket.

Katanshi and Kasama central constituencies’ adoptions have been deferred.

Seasoned politicians from both the ruling and opposition members who have also been adopted include Patrick Ngoma (Feira), Donald Chilufya (Chawama), Muhabi Lungu (Lusaka Central), Major Celestino Chibamba (Shiwang’andu) and David Diangamo (Itezhi-Tezhi)

New entrants include Japhen Mwakalombe (Chongwe), Dr. Carnisius Banda (Mandevu),  Rosaria Fundanga (Chilubi), Chileshe Kapwepwe (Chinsali), Mwalimu Simfukwe (Mbala), Laiven Apuleni (Mbabala) and Joshua Simuyandi (Pemba).

Others are Trymore Mwenda (Chikankata), Dr. Victor Mukonka (Monze Central), Noah Siasimuna (Siavonga), Muti Beyani (Sinazongwe) and Charles Mututwa for Senanga Central among others. The rest of the MMD current MPs have maintained their seats in this year’s adoption process.

Ronald Mukuma (Kabompo MP), Gunston Sichilima (Mbala MP) and Charles Shawa for Feira are among those who have not been adopted.

The list of candidates was released Tuesday evening after an MMD NEC meeting at State House to finalise the selection.

President Banda who is also MMD President observed that the selection process was transparent, meticulous and highly competitive.

Mr Banda, in a statement released by one of his aides Dr Francis Chigunta, appealed to MMD aspirants who have not been adopted to continue supporting the ruling party and not retreat into bitterness.

“The unsuccessful aspirants should note that the selection process was a balanced collective exercise involving the entire party through NEC,” President Banda said.

He urged all the MMD members to put the interests of the party above their own and campaign vigorously to ensure that the ruling party wins this year tripartite elections.