Elder Bro : Patrick Should Have Consulted Us

FORMER republican President Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest son Patrick’s brother, Paul, says his sibling should have consulted the family before joining the Patriotic Front (PF) because its president, Michael Sata, was hostile towards their father when he was alive.
And MMD women have urged Patrick Mwanawasa to respect President Banda, First Lady Thandiwe and elders.
Paul Mwanawasa said in an interview in Ndola on Wednesday he hopes Patrick will use respectful language following the meeting the family held on Sunday.
“Patrick should have consulted the family before joining the PF because the PF leader (Mr Sata) never liked the late President Mwanawasa. As the family we respect his political rights, but he should have at
least consulted the family,” Paul said.
He said after the meeting the Mwanawasa family expects Patrick to change his political language and show respect for elders in the political arena.
He said Patrick’s lack of respect for elders had gotten out of hand, and the family had to bring him back to his senses.
“As the Mwanawasa family, we had to call for a meeting with Patrick before things got worse because his political language was also indirectly affecting the family, and we hope after the meeting Patrick will speak with respect,” Paul said.
He said Patrick should have consulted his family before joining the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) because the party’s president was not on good terms with the late President Mwanawasa even at the time of his demise.
[Zambia Daily Mail]

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