PTUZ To Receive Funding With Caution

The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia PTUZ says teacher unions will receive the 10 billion Kwacha disbursed towards dismantling of teachers arrears with caution.

However, PTUZ has demanded that the money be paid to teachers immediately saying the arrears have been long over due.

Speaking in an interview, PTUZ Secretary General Kangwa Musenga further demands that the government pays the arrears in full.
And Mr. Musenga has urged the government to show transparency in the disbursement process so that society does not think that the government is trying to hoodwink teachers for votes.

The Government has disbursed another 10 billion Kwacha towards the dismantling of arrears for other personal emoluments for teachers.

The 10 billion Kwacha which has being released brings the total amount disbursed in the last three months to 40 billion Kwacha.

Central, Eastern, North Western and Luapula will receive 1 billion Kwacha each, while Lusaka, Southern will received 1.2 billion Kwacha.

Copperbelt will receive 1.5 billion Kwacha while Northern will receive 1.1 billion Kwacha respectively.