Sichinga : MMD Members Are Frustrated With RB’s Leadership

Economic consultant Bob Sichinga says that a number of MMD members are currently uncomfortable with the type of leadership being exhibited in the ruling party.

Mr. Sichinga says that a number of the MMD members have observed that the party is not what it was in the past.

He says that the MMD will see a lot of members leave the party and join other progressive political parties.

Mr. Sichinga in an interview with QFM radio added that the MMD has lost the credibility it had in the past.

He added that the high political party officials who have left the party recently is not surprising because it was foreseen.

He says that the current leadership in MMD is being coupled with favoritism which has brought some uncertainty on other political party members.

He says that this is clear confirmation that the MMD has run its course and is leaving power this year.

He says that from his observation, most Zambians want to change of government, which he confidently says will take place.