Sayifwanda : Blame Women For Their Few Adoptions

MMD Zambezi East Member of Parliament Sara Sayifwanda says the adoption of few women as candidates for the forthcoming general elections should not be blamed on the party.
Ms. Sayifwanda, who is also gender and women in development minister, says it is unfortunate that women did not spread to contest in other constituencies in the country.

Speaking in an interview, Ms. Sayifwanda says women in the party made a mistake to crowd up in one constituency to contest for the same seat.

Ms. Sayifwanda notes that it is not helpful for women to just fight for one constituency when the country has 150 constituencies they can stand on.

She has appealed to women in other political parties to spread to other constituencies instead of heaping up in constituencies.

And Ms. Sayifwanda has expressed confidence in maintaining her constituency seat.

She says with the 110 infrastructural projects initiated in her constituency, electorates in her area will have a reason to vote her back.

Ms. Sayifwanda however noted that her re-adoption was not an easy process adding that it was the toughest of the 150 constituencies.