Chibanda Canes RB Critics

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) provincial youth treasurer Evans Chibanda has described as misplaced, continued criticisms of President Rupiah Bandas giving away of institutional houses.
Mr. Chibandas comments come in the wake of remarks by Zambia Empowerment for Development president Dr. Love Mutesa that President Rupiah Bandas father Christmas policy of giving away institutional houses around the country which he did not build is an act of desperation.
Mr. Chibanda who was recently adopted to contest the Mufulira parliamentary seat says Zambians should understand that President Banda is just building on late second republican president Dr. Frederick Chilubas policy.
He has since described Dr. Mutesa and all those former government officials constantly criticized President Bandas leadership style as frustrated politicians who belong to the archives of Zambian politics.
Last week President Banda offered over 200 houses belonging to Zesco in Kafue Gorge for sale to tenants that are currently occupying them most of whom are non-Zesco employees.
In April this year, President Banda wrote off the debt on over 3,300 parastatal homes on the Copperbelt during his visit to Kitwe.
The decision was followed by an adhoc, Home empowerment policy which will provide for writing off of all outstanding debt owed on residential parastatal properties offered for sale to sitting tenants by the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM).