Kanema : The Delay In Announcing Election Date Amounts To Gross Corruption

The Zambia Youths Association in the fight against corruption has charged that the delay by president Rupiah Banda to announce the date for the general elections amounts to gross corruption.

Association Executive Director Rickson Kanema charges that the delay in announcing the election date by President Banda and his cabinet ministers is because they want to continue abusing public resources.
He adds that ministers are abusing the public resources in the name of examining government developmental programmes at the same time holding political rallies
He notes that if president Banda continues to hold on to the announcement of the election date, it will bring unnecessary talk among the concerned stakeholders.
Mr. Kanema in an interview tumfweko.com said having free and fair elections means that the playing field should be leveled.
But President Rupiah Banda has reiterated that he will only announce the election date when all logistics are in place, to avoid election hiccups.
President Banda said he will not succumb to pressure and make a premature announcement before all logistics are in place.