Mumbi Phiri Threaten Suicide Over MP Adoption

Sources have revealed that the PF incumbent Munali MP Mumbi Phiri threatened to commit suicide yesterday when she realized that the party will not adopt her to re-contest the seat. The source said that when news filtered from Luanshya road that Professor Nkandu Luo was likely to be brought in as a candidate to replace her during the Central Committee meeting this Wednesday, Mumbi was very furious and started to utter suicide statements.
The source said the senior party members agreed to replace her as she was poorly ranked during the constituency, District and Provincial primaries.
“In addition, Mumbi’s husband who works abroad has been sending complaints that he hardly sees his wife. So Party senior officials have agreed to give her a break so she can be with her husband abroad.”
Mumbi’s effort to see the PF president Michael Sata proved futile as his secretary and security guards have not been allowing access to his office to any councilor or MP aspiring candidates.
“A youth called Eric Chanda was first in the Munali Primaries but it seems the Central Committee wants someone with political stature and Professor Luo has been doing a lot of background work for a long time now” the source said.
Eric Chanda issued a statement earlier in the day calling for all youths in the constituency to support decisions that will be taken by the Central Committee on the adoptions in Munali.


3 Responses to "Mumbi Phiri Threaten Suicide Over MP Adoption"

  1. Kamba Sosa   July 26, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Y betray her,she has been very loyal to Pf,alilalilapo na mu jail coz of pf!y adopt a person coming@last hour?ls that fair&a recycled politician?bupuba ubo ba pf central committee.u have no morals.

  2. tony clemente   July 26, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I thought Mumbi Phiri was one of the few strong PF memebers. Why do this to her at this hour? That lady has been with the party through thick and thin. Why Nkandu Luo? This is not fair. Let the central committee think twice on this one.

  3. Conaair   August 2, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    She is being treated unfairly Y? The husband yes works abroad but he regularly comes home, that shud not be an excuse. Pple know her better than this Luo guy. Come voting time he will lose.