Sata Wins Shikapwasha Defamation Case

THE Lusaka High Court has decided in favour of PF leader Michael Sata in a case where he sued chief government spokesperson Lieutenant Ronnie Shikapwasha for defamation.The Lusaka High Court, last Thursday, entered a default judgment against Lt. Gen.Shikapwasha after he failed to avail himself before the court in a case where Sata sued him for libel and slander.
The defamation suit stems from remarks attributed to Lt Gen Shikapwasha alleging that Sata supports homosexuality and warned that once people voted Sata into office he would change laws that would see marriages breaking up.Sata claims the remarks were aired on ZNBC’s main evening news of April 21, 2011.Sata is also seeking an inter-locutory injunction restraining Lt Gen Shikapwasha from repeating the said slanderous words and that the court should award him costs.The court, according to Sata’s lawyers, has set August 2, 2011 as the date of hearing of the application for inter-locutory injunction in the same matter.