CHIC HAIR PIECE: Attain That Sexy look

A long hair extension kisses the forehead above the brow and you look elegant

Add Layers When you add lots of layers to your short cut, style possibilities are endless

One of the sure ways to pull off short hair cuts is by adding color pieces to complete the look. Galz nowadays are opting for short haircuts that are easy to maintain and extensions that are comfortable to wear.

Ever wondered how one can afford to color her hair without the risk of losing its texture? Well, simple trick is applying those small pieces depending on your choice of colour. They go for   and above in shopping Malls. You can afford variety without strain.

Going Rihanna is a big yes when it comes to looking hot with short hair pieces

In case you miss your long hair, add a human hair piece any style you want can rock that hot feeling

Super-short hair takes on cool appearance and if well maintained with a piece that matches one’s complexion

Think Razor’s Edge when you want to soften any cut