Chitala : Attacks On LAZ Are Unfair, Undemocratic

Former Zambian ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala says attacks by government on Law Association of Zambia president Musa Mwenye are unfair and do not add value to the democracy of the nation.

Dr. Chitala says as an organ of government, the Law Association of Zambia is mandated to give legal opinion on the operations of the public media.

He tells said that the issues brought out by the LAZ president are genuine and timely as the public media has been swayed from carrying out its mandate, which is to objectively inform the nation.

Dr. Chitala says it is unfortunate that the public media instead of helping to maintain peace has continued to promote hate among political players in the country.

The former envoy says the change being called for by citizens is inevitable because they want to see a difference in the governance of the country.