Breaking News : 20/9 IS POLL DATE(Updated)

Tuesday 20/9 is Poll date.
President Banda announced this morning in a press briefing at state house.Parliament has since been dissolved.
He says the date of Tuesday 20th September 2011 for the elections was arrived at after he consulted with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other relevant bodies to ascertain the most suitable date. President Banda says most of the logistics for the holding of elections are in place and that the ECZ has indicated to him that the final voter register will be ready by the end of this month. Mr Banda has since signed the electoral general elections date of poll declaration order statutory instrument no.76 of 2011, and the local government elections date and times of poll order statutory instrument number 77 of 2011. And President Rupiah Banda has assumed all executive powers following the dissolution of both parliament and cabinet. President Banda has since thanked cabinet and deputy ministers for their hard work and dedication to serving the Zambian people.He said his government managed during the three years of being inpower managed to score great economic strides including bringing the inflation rate to a single digit.

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