Nigerian Business Mogul Dangote Funds MMD Campaigns

Sources have disclosed that Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has bankrolled the MMD campaigns with a $5M blank cheque to assist President Rupiah Banda retain his seat.
The source said the shrewd Nigerian businessman had told RB’s emissaries a few weeks ago that he would only avail campaign funds if his cement company was opened before the general elections. “This is why you have seen the rush to open Dangonte’s cement factory in Masaiti on the last working day of his cabinet (now dissolved) and even without the madatory environmental assessment approvals for the project ” the source said.
This is the second time Nigerian
businessmen have funded Rupiah’s campaigns. In 2008 Nigerian owners of Access Bank were reported to have given RB over $2M cash which saw him open the Bank about 4 weeks before the presidential by-election.