SATA : Rupiah Announced Elections Because I Told Him

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata says the country will need to have a new constitution as soon as a new government is ushered into office.
Mr. Sata has told QFM radio station that the current constitution is too porous and does not protect the rights of the Zambian people.
He adds that it is the same constitution that has allowed President Rupiah Banda to remain president on the MMD ticket when it is a well known fact that he is still a UNIP member because he is on record of not having resigned from the party.
And Mr. Sata has observed that President Banda has been forced to announce the date of elections following the letter he wrote to him on the date of elections.
Mr. Sata, however said that he had written to President Banda warning him of the consequences of taking the people of Zambia for granted by trying to delay the setting of the date of elections.
The opposition leader has however, noted that his party is more than ready for the elections adding that the PF will use the 5 week campaign period to intensify selling itself to the Zambian people.
Mr. Sata had earlier written to President Banda asking him to dissolve parliament.
In a letter dated 20th July, 2011 availed to, Mr. Sata noted that the deliberate failure by President Banda to dissolve parliament had led to illegal expenditure by the vice president ministers and their deputies on the travels to all parts of the country in the name of carrying out the national duties.