Mpombo : MMD Must Leave Power Peacefully

Former Kafulafuta MMD Member of Parliament George Mpombo has advised the Movement for Multiparty Democracy to exit power peacefully.
Mr. Mpombo says now that the MMD’s mandate in government is almost coming to an end, they should exit power peacefully.
In an interview, Mr Mpombo says the MMD should not mislead Zambians that they will emerge victorious in the 20th September elections.
He says the MMD does not deserve to be voted back into power adding that the chances of them bouncing back to power are slim.
Mr. Mpombo adds that the MMD is not wanted by many Zambians because it has managed to ruin the country through president Rupiah Banda.
He says the much talked about economic development has not trickled down to the poor Zambians especially in the rural areas.