Kabimba : MMD List of Adopted Candidates Is The ‘Worst’ Since 1991

wynter Kabimba

The Opposition Patriotic Front says the list of MMD adopted candidates in the 150 constituencies is the worst since 1991.
PF secretary general WynterKabimba says as the MMD tries to fight for political survival, they have placed their hope on civil servants and some district commissioners to win the forthcoming general elections through the use of public facilities and finances.
Mr. Kabimba says it is unfortunate that the MMD has continued to misuse public resources and committing criminal acts by changing GRZ registration number plates of motor vehicles to private numbers.
Speaking recently, Mr. Kabimba cited an incident in Mbala where the former district commissioner and adopted candidate Mwalimu Sinfukwe has continued to use the motor vehicle GRZ 95108 for his election campaigns.
Mr. Kabimba has since appealed to all party members to remain vigilant and continue reporting such criminal activities to relevant authorities.