6,000 People Seek Solar Geysers – Zesco

APPLICATIONS for the installation of solar geysers have risen to 6,000, Zesco public relations manager, Andre Makulu has said.

Speaking in an interview at the on-going 85th Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Mr Makulu said since the launch of the project, the company had  installed 50 geysers in Lusaka’s Mandevu Township and was expected to spread to other areas.

He urged Zambians to be patient with the installation of geysers, adding that the procurement and logistical issues surrounding the bulk supply of the geysers had been finalised.

Mr Makulu said 100,000 solar geysers were next month expected in country from various sources, among them, South Africa and China.

He said Zesco was ready to handle applications received and urged the people to take advantage of the show and apply for the geysers.

“People should be patient and continue applying because the difficult part of procurement has been finalised and we are now waiting for the bulk stock which is expected in the country next month and once we have that in place, will embark on the nation-wide installation of solar geysers starting with Lusaka,” said Mr Makulu.

He said Zambians should appreciate the essence of the project which was aimed at reducing domestic demand of energy hence reducing power shedding for their own benefit and that of the country.

Mr Makulu said the introduction of solar geysers had financial gains both to the country and Zambians themselves because they would be able to save 40 per cent of their expenditure on power.

He said the solar geysers would further assist in mitigating the demand for power supply and keep people on supply without disturbances.

He said as a result, Zesco would be able to sell power to other countries therefore contributing to the economic growth of the country.

And Zesco acting division manager for Lukasa, Tom Daka has said the Kafue Gorge Lower Project will not pollute the environment because it will  use the existing Kafue river
system for it operations.

Mr Daka said the Kafue Gorge Lower and Itezhi tehzi hydro-power station  once completed in 2017 would add to the exiting 990 mega watts Kafue gorge upper power station another 750 maga watts as the company thrived to shape tomorrow’s future.

Mr Daka said power supply would also increase from 23 mega watts to 50 maga watts thereby granting enough power supply to the growing mining and agriculture industry in constant demand of power supply.

He said Zesco had chosen to exhibit the Kafue River Development Project model depicting the three power stations at this year’s agriculture and commercial show for the public to appreciate fully understand the project.

“If we increase the capacity in power generation, more people would have access to the facility,’ he said.

The Kafue River Development Project has three power stations, the Itezhi tehzi hydropower project with 120 megawatts, Kafue gorge lower project with 750 mega watts and the Kafue gorge upper power station with 990 mega watts.

President Rupiah Banda commissioned the construction of the US$2 billion Kafue Gorge Lower hydro-eclectic Power Station onJuly 21, 2011.

The project is being implemented under the public-private partnership comprising  Zesco, Sinohydro Corporation and the China Africa development Fund and is expected to create about 300 direct jobs for indigenous Zambian.