MMD To Petition ECZ Over Sata’s “Insults”

MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu has said the ruling party would write to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to complain about the insults Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata and Mr Given Lubinda have been issuing during their campaigns in the Eastern Province against the ruling party’s parliamentary candidates.

And in Mazabuka, some PF cadres allegedly stormed former PF ward chairperson Wamunyima Mubiyalelwa’s house with intent to attack him following his decision to defect to the ruling MMD.

Mr Nyangu has said the PF leadership is encouraging people to resort to electoral violence ahead of the September 20 elections.

“It has come to the party’s attention that the PF delegation currently in Eastern Province is encouraging electoral violence. The PF delegation led by its leader Michael Sata has launched its campaign based on insults.

“In Nyimba, Mr Sata and Mr Given Lubinda have been insulting our parliamentary candidate Mr Folie Tembo and the same is obtaining in Petauke where Mr Sata has launched a barrage of insults against Ms Dora Siliya,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate that the PF is launching its campaign based on insults when the three mother bodies have called on political parties to campaign peacefully.

“Why should the whole lot of a leader go to Eastern Province to go and insult our parliamentary candidates? It is for this reason that I would like to announce that the MMD will be writing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to lodge a complaint against the PF conduct.

“Secondly, Mr Sata should not take advantage of other people’s calamities by going round bereaved families of last week’s Nyimba accident to campaign.

This surprisingly comes just a few weeks after Mr Sata shunned the funeral of his political mentor Dr Frederick Chiluba.

And in Southern Province, some PF cadres allegedly stormed former PF ward chairperson Wamunyima Mubiyalelwa’s house with intent to attack him following his decision to defect to the ruling MMD.

Mr Mubiyalelwa, who led 150 PF cadres to defect to the MMD during a rally which was being addressed by Die Hard for RB national coordinator Bowman Lusambo and Forum for Leadership Search (FLS) executive director Edwin Lifwekelo in Mazabuka at the weekend, confirmed the incident to the Times in an interview yesterday.

He claimed that a group of 10 slogan-chanting PF cadres allegedly led by Southern Province PF youth chairperson Bright Mweetwa stormed his residence and demanded that he gets out as they wanted to sort him out because he had allegedly discredited the PF by defecting to the ruling party.

But when contacted, Mr Mweetwa claimed that he was not aware of the incident as he had just returned from Monze.
Mr Mubiyalelwa said the PF cadres surrounded his home around 02:00 hours and demanded that he gets out of the house so that they sort him out.

“These people stormed my house with intent to attack me and when my wife asked them what they wanted, they were with Mr Bright Mweetwa who is the PF provincial chairman and that they wanted to sort me out. Even my neighbours were awakened by the noise these people were making,” he said.

He said he immediately called the MMD constituency chairperson Monitor Mweene who later reported the matter to the police.Mr Mubiyalelwa, who  condemned the violence by the PF, said it was surprising that the opposition could be annoyed with him for defecting when it was his right to belong to a political party of his choice.

Mr Mweene and MMD aspiring parliamentary candidate Maxwel Mwiinga confirmed the incident in separate interviews yesterday saying the matter was reported to the police. 

And Mr Lifwekelo, who was one of those that addressed the rally, said it was primitive for the PF to attack the people that were leaving the party.

Mr Lifwekelo challenged the PF leadership to condemn the violence being perpetrated by its youth chairperson in Southern Province.

“Just on Saturday, we heard PF leadership denying on ZNBC news that those who defected were not their members but it is surprising to note that they should now go and attack a person they are claiming not to be their member for defecting to the MMD,” he said.

At the same rally held at Ndeke School grounds, of 250 members of the opposition defected to the MMD with 150 coming from the PF. Others came from the United Party For National Development.
[Times Of Zambia]