RB :It Will Be Difficult For MMD To Win In Southern Province

President Rupiah Banda says Monze District has been a difficult place
for the ruling MMD to penetrate.
Addressing an impromptu rally in Monze Sunday afternoon after
officiating at the Fifth Rusangu University graduation ceremony,
President Banda said Southern province and particularly Monze has been
difficult for the ruling party to penetrate.
“Monze has been difficult for us to break through, we have always
struggled but that should not make us stop working together, we have
always come here to provide for our people, we keep on developing this
area because we want to grow like others,” said President Banda who
was surrounded by marketers and other MMD cadres.
President Banda told marketers that he was not happy to run government
without people from Southern province.
He said there was no point for the Tonga speaking people to continue
in the opposition when the MMD government had continued to provide for
the people in the province.
“There is no need of Southern province to be left out in government,
you need to be part of the government because you are part of Zambia,
give me someone I can work with in government and that person must be
Dr. Mukonka,” he said.
President Banda said he did not visit the market to humiliate the UPND
leadership because he wanted their support too.
“We are not here to humiliate others or anyone, we need them, we are
here to build together we need to work together as one people,” said
President Banda.
And President Banda has officially introduced MMD aspiring candidates
for Monze central and Bweengwa constituencies respectively.
“Muvoteleni uyu ni munthu wanu (Vote for this one he is your man) he
is a very educated man, he is a Doctor, he has stayed and worked for
sometime here and you just need to vote for him because I need to work
with him for the development of this area,” said President Banda.
President Banda who went round the market unexpectedly introducing Dr.
Mukonka and kept on reminding the people of Monze to give his
government another chance to finish the developmental projects it has
“I have come here to officially introduce to you our candidate Victor
Mukonka, he is a medical Doctor and very learned so vote for him, and
we need to give you in rural areas better roads, so why not giving me
someone to work with?” President Banda said while MMD cadres shouted
chwe, chwe chwe.