RB Pleads Not To Vote For Sata

Republican president Rupiah Banda has launched the Movement for multi party democracy MMD 2011 campaign, warning Zambians not to vote for the Pf leader Micheal sata Michael Sata.
President Banda says that Michael Sata is not fit to be the president of Zambia because he failed to deliver when he was in government.
President Banda said that PF leader Micheal Sata has a sick heart , who should not be trusted by any well meaning Zambians.
President Banda stated that PF leader Michael Sata likes to call himself a cobra saying that Zambians should never trust a creature that slithers on its stomach, describing him as a snake.
President Banda has since called on Zambians to conduct themselves with civility and honor.
He added that the MMD will not resort to violence and will work with the authorities to ensure that Zambia is held up as beacon of good democracy.