Siulapwa : HH Can Not Win This Years Election

New Generation Party (NGP) President Humphrey Siulapwa has called on the United Party for National Development (UPND) Supporters to give their vote to President Banda because their leader Hakainde Hichilema has no hope of winning this year’s elections despite being a young good leader.
He admitted that Mr Hichilema is a good leader but he has no supporters and is likely to emerge in the third position in this year’s elections.
Mr. Siulapwa noted that if the UPND support MMD the PF leader Michael Sata will have no chance of winning the elections.
He also noted that Ellias Chipomo Junior is now feeling the heart of the political arena because he is not popular and he is not known by the electorates.
Mr Siulapwa says for one to be a President he must be known by all Zambians.
And Mr Siulapwa has declared that he will not sit back and watch people insult President Rupiah Banda.
Mr. Siulapwa said the Mr Banda is a President for all Zambians and people should respect him whether they voted for him in 2008 or not.
He pointed out that his party will not support anyone who will continue to disrespect President Banda in this year’s tripartite elections.
The NGP president noted that the president should be supported according to the decree of the Bible that all authority should and be respected.
He said President can not be equated to all Presidential aspiring candidates for this year’s elections because he has delivered to the expectation of all Zambians.

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