Where You Can Meet Honnies!

babes are more approachable and less suspicious through the course of a regular day



By Kellen.

As a general rule, babes are more approachable and less suspicious when they meet guys through the course of a regular day and in an atmosphere when they feel at ease, as opposed to when a guy introduces himself in a more typical setting (bars or clubs, for example). So here’s where to enhance your chances.


Whether you’re pursuing a degree, or just interested in learning something new, or developing a skill, taking a class gives you an unparalleled opportunity for social interaction.

Hit the gym

The goal here is not to stroll up and hit on someone mid-workout. That’s tactless, and it sends the wrong message. But going to the gym puts you in a situation where you’re pursuing an admirable goal (physical fitness) in a visible way. Debates

Most of us have at least a few go-to stories, ones we’ve told plenty of times knowing that they’re exciting and likely to provoke the desired reaction. These are useful, because they take some of the pressure off what could be an awkward conversation, and they give you the chance to watch and react to your audience. Expand that inventory when you can.


Taking care of your appearance shouldn’t be something you only bother about when you’re going out; it should be an indispensable part of your routine.

Social sites

One of the most significant roadblocks to a vibrant social life is falling prey to regularity and routine. It’s important to branch out and do new things when you can. Facebook is instrumental in letting people publicize parties, shows and events, but don’t stop there.


Here, I’m not trying to suggest that holding the door for someone with an armload of groceries but be sensitive say you could just offer your place on a matatu. Your appeal will triple.


It’s important for you to actually care about whatever forces you decide to champion. Trending right now is the Red Cross. Spending your time in service of some greater goal demonstrates that you’re a decent human being, and on top of that, passion is an attractive quality.

Seize the moment

Take the initiative, and don’t waste the opportunities you get. When you’ve got the chance to get to know someone – or if you’ve already gotten to know her, and you want the relationship to develop into something more – you can’t expect her to do the hard part for you.

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