Campaign Strategy Divides MMD

Divisions in the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD have reportedly emerged over the campaign strategy the party has adopted ahead of the September 20th elections.
Some members of the party feel the strategy of constant attacks on opposition Patriotic Front president Michael Sata are is not helping the party but denting the party’s image.
Sources have revealed to that MMD members are blaming former education minister Dora Siliya and party national secretary Richard Kachingwe for coming up with such a strategy of attacking the PF leader.
They say the attacks on Mr Sata are not helping the party but are instead making the PF leader popular, which might cost the MMD victory in the forthcoming elections.
The sources further argue that the MMD should concentrate on issue based campaigns in order to increase the party’s chances of returning power.
During the launch of the 2011 party manifesto, Party president Rupiah Banda advised Zambians against voting for the PF leader Michael Sata who he described as a punch-drunk boxer who keeps on coming for more beating despite losing three presidential elections.