Lifwekelo : Opposition Political Parties Should Announce List Of Adopted Candidates

Forum for Leadership Search has challenged the opposition political parties to quickly announce their list of adopted candidates so as pave way for smooth campaigns. Organization Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo says it is unfortunate for political parties at this stage not to release the list of adopted candidates and subsequent campaign launch.
In an interview, Mr. Lifwekelo said the delay by opposition political parties in releasing the list of adopted candidates indicates that they are not ready for this years election.
He further notes that going by the launch of the MMD campaign program, the opposition political parties also have a responsibility to ensure that they equally launch their campaign but only after they have released a list of adopted candidates.
The MMD has already made known their aspiring parliamentary candidates and had since introduced them to the electorates.
The National Revolution Party has also announced a list of adopted candidates contesting party positions in Lusaka Province and is due to announce adopted candidates for Copperbelt province later today.
The United Party for National Development and the Patriotic Front are due to announce theirs this week.
Meanwhile, former works and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti has described the MMD campaign launch for the 2011 general elections as a waste of time.
Mr. Mulongoti wonders what the MMD was trying to relay to the people, when their campaigns started way back.
He charges that the MMD is ashamed that it started its campaigns earlier and is pretending to the people.
Mr. Mulongoti further says the attacks of PF leader Michael Sata were uncalled for saying president Rupiah Bandas speech was based on lies and political smearing.
President Rupiah Banda yesterday officially launched what he has called a winniing campaign strategy for the ruling MMD.
Speaking during the launch at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka, President Banda who is also MMD presidential candidate said the ruling party will win this years polls because people recognize that it is a genuine party for all unlike the Patriotic Front.
He also took at a swipe at Patriotic Front President Michael Sata likening him to a punch-drunk boxer, who keeps coming for more.
He warned Mr. Sata that this time around the MMD will knock him out for good and that the people of Zambia will be the referees.