Preach Non Use Of Foul Language, MMD’s Nyangu Challenged.

Patriotic Front Secretary General Winter Kabimba has challenged MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu to preach non use of foul language to the MMD leadership during campaigns.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Lusaka, Mr. Kabimba says it is surprising that Mr. Nyangu is claiming to be morally upright now, when he has not objected to the insults allegedly uttered against PF leader Michael Sata by the MMD leadership.

This comes in the wake of a statement attributed to Mr. Nyangu in the public media suggesting that he will petition the Electoral Commission of Zambia over alleged insults by Mr. Sata on Republican President Rupiah Banda during the PF campaigns in Eastern province.

Mr. Kabimba says it is prudent for the MMD deputy national secretary to put his house in order before making a move to petition the PF leader.

He says it is highly hypocritical for Mr. Nyangu to accuse the PF leader of having insulted the President stating that President Banda has constantly issued verbal abuse on Mr. Sata and that no one seems to show disapproval of him.

Mr. Kabimba has further charged that the MMD are under pressure of losing the forthcoming elections hence they have resorted to desperate measure to gain political mileage.