Lubinda : Prove To Zambians You Qualify To Be President

Former Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has challenged president Rupiah Banda to tell Zambians if he qualifies to stand in the September 20 elections.

Mr. Lubinda who is Patriotic Front chairman for local government and housing says the president should come out in the open and state to the Zambian people that he qualifies to contest the presidency.

He says the best thing that president Banda should do is to prove the allegations that his mother was a Ndebele from Zimbabwe.

Mr. Lubinda, making a contribution on QFM’s Power Breakfast show this morning said failure by president Banda to prove the allegations wrong will have him face the law for perjury.

He says president Banda should be ready to face the law for being president illegally.

Meanwhile Get Involved Zambia has commended the Patriotic Front for seeking court redress over President Rupiah Banda’s parentage.

Get Involved Zambia Director Father Frank Bwalya has told QFM that by this action the PF has demonstrated that they are a responsible political party which takes issues of the constitution very seriously.

Fr Bwalya says the issue at hand is a serious one which should be a matter of public interest as it borders on preservation and protection of the republican constitution.

He says if it’s true that President Banda’s parents, the father in particular was not born in Zambia and he knew very well that that was the case then he committed a serious offence and is occupying the office of president illegally.

Fr Bwalya has also castigated those who are condemning the PF for bringing up the issue of President Banda’s parentage now when in the 2008 elections no one raised such an issue.

He reminds them the issue of president Banda’s parentage was raised by former Zambian high commissioner to Malawi Milton Phiri who wrote to the Chief Justice and that the PF only took up the issue following a muted response from the Chief Justice.

Fr Bwalya says the fact that the PF did not raise the issue in 2008 does not mean that President Banda’s father was born in Zambia.

He adds that if president Banda knows that his father was born in Zambia, he should emulate US president Barack Obama who produced his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the US.