PF Members Urged To Remain United Amid Adoption Process

Former Patriotic Front national youth secretary Eric Chanda has appealed to members of the patriotic front to remain united as the party goes through its adoption process.
Mr. Chanda says the adoption process should not divide the party but should instead bring unity and harmony among its members.
He notes that there is no need for aspiring parliamentary candidates whether adopted or not, to differ over the adoptions.
And Mr. Chanda has appealed to PF sympathizers in the country to remain focused as the party is headed for victory in the forthcoming general elections.
He tells QFM in an interview that there is no need to worry as the party has given electorates the best president, parliamentarians and councilors who are all headed for victory.
Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda has charged that the MMD has failed to bring leadership that is pro-poor.
Mr. Chanda tells QFM in an interview that the party should accept that it has failed to lift the living standard of people.
He has warned Zambians against voting for the MMD in the September 20th election as Zambia goes to the polls.
He says voters should ensure that they take the Election Day as a turning point to usher in leaders that have a heart for the people.
He states that the patriotic front president is the best suited candidate to take over power from the MMD.
He says the PF as a party has drawn up a plan that will see Zambia transform into a better country than it is at the moment.