Regina : Chiluba Never Left A Will

Late second Republican President, Dr. Frederick Chiluba’s widow Regina has disclosed that her late husband never left a will.
In a statement through, second Republican President’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Mwamba, Mrs. Chiluba says all of Dr Chiluba’s lawyers say the late never left a written will.
And Mrs. Chiluba says legal action being instigated by some of Dr Chiluba’s children has saddened the family.
In an exclusive interview, Mrs. Chiluba says the children are being requested to withdraw the court submission as it’s an irregular move bringing the family name into ridicule.
Late Second Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba’s Children are seeking an injunction from the Lusaka High court to restrain Regina Chiluba from administering Dr. Chiluba’s estate.
Helen Ngosa Chiluba and Darling Ngosa Chiluba, who are late Dr. Chiluba’s biological children, are suing on behalf of their siblings, Jane, Mikoyandi, Hotercia, Hulda, Verocia and Frederick Junior.
According to an affidavit filed in the Lusaka High court on Thursday 4th August 2011, Dr. Chiluba’s children became suspicious and disturbed by Regina’s alleged premature and hasty decision to secure letters of administration.