Rejection At Work Can Kill Your Career And Self Esteem

Rejection At Work Can Kill Your Career And Self Esteem
Getting rejected by everyone at work could have everything to do with you looking down on everyone

By Angela.

There is that person at work who feels like they are prettier, brighter than everyone else at work and as such they are hated.
Not because people don’t believe they are bright but because they can’t stand their condescending demeanor.  Are you so unpopular at work that you feel you want to leave the job and go on the street if you have to? Do your colleagues treat you with distance – they deal with you only because they have to? Did you get passed up for a big promotion because you are not a team player? Did you ask for something at work and was flatly turned down?  Rejection at a work place is the worst thing that can happen to your career because it not only makes coming to work hell, it gets in the way of your career building. This rejection can come from your supervisors, workmates or bosses: how you handle the rejection at work can serve as the cornerstone for short and long-term success. It’s time to review those things that make you someone none of your colleagues can stand and change!

Change attitude
You are worthy and can recover from rejection in the workplace. They don’t say it’s just business’ for nothing. The rules of engagement are different in a professional environment than any other. While you might be angry and upset, this is the time to take stock of the situation, evaluate your feelings and put some perspective around things. Now is the time to review your past performance, your relations with your colleagues and identify areas for improvement. You can use this as an opportunity instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Develop a happy disposition
Getting all worked up about why everyone gives you the eyes makes you an easy target for the bullies at the workplace. When you have a happy disposition, it is very difficult to reject you. Basically most of the people at your workplace are sad from the inside and that is why they try to make you sad too by needlessly criticizing you or rejecting you. This way they feel good about themselves. Don’t fear them, don’t be angry with them, just understand them and if you feel intimidated just pity them.

Widen your social circle
It is great to have friends at the workplace if you’re encountering a hostile environment. Social distance is one of the reasons that people get rejected at work. When you become an island at the work place, you isolate yourself and keep to yourself; you make it hard for people to befriend you. And like they say, if you are not with us, then you are against us. That’s where the rejection stems from.

Stop and listen
While the natural instinct is to go on the defensive and to churn out excuses, take a deep breath and objectively listen to the criticism offered. Stop looking at yourself as better than everyone else.
There is a lot you can learn from your workmates if you can get off your high horse and relate with them.

Learn from your mistakes
If you were passed on for the job promotion because you don’t know how to work with a team, think about the changes you can make to move forward and ask for detailed feedback and possibly even action steps so you have a clear picture of how you can improve.