Get Lips Every Man Would Crave For

Get Lips Every Man Would Crave For

By Kellen.

There is no doubt that when a babe has luscious and gorgeous lips every dude will always want to have a feel of them and a beautiful smile will always draw attention most especially from dudes to her face – having alluring lips is every babe’s dream.
But, no matter how full and shapely her lips may be – if they are dry and parched it can easily spoil the look. Your lips need regular care and attention to maintain its appealing look. For one to have kissable lips which are fleshy and smooth she must keep in mind that they are given enough care, just like any other part of her body. While most would prefer to opt for cosmetic surgery to get a pair of incredible luscious lips, there are easier and less expensive means of getting what you want. For one to achieve kiss-me lips should follow the following steps;

Build Your Lip wear Wardrobe
Lipstick is an indispensable part of the make-up kit of millions of modern babes. If you want to escape the mature sophistication of a lipstick, take refuge in the playful textures of glosses. Depending on your need and choice, pick up your favorites from lipsticks, lip stains, lip tints, lip glosses, balms and butters. It might look opulent and sophisticated but you must be cautious to the styles and colours of clothes you are matching it with to get rid of a fashion no-no. You can accentuate your lips by polishing it with lip gloss after each lipstick application or emphasize your lip lines by outlining it with a good lip definer pen. If this gets time-consuming, you can opt to get a permanent lip color.

Apply It Right
Adding colour to your lips is the most symbolic gesture of femininity. Before you start, apply a nourishing and moisturizing lip protector to absorb any excess.  For a natural look, start from the centre of your lips and work to the edges.  Then, using a lip liner is a guaranteed way to increase the lasting power of a lipstick. Applying lip colors perfect for your complexion makes you an astonishing babe. But you can still magnify the power of your lip makeup by matching its color to what clothed you wear. Cherry red lipstick goes great with black look for that mysterious and reclaimed impression. White clothes fit almost all lip colours.

Make Colour Stay
Create a perfect base so that the lipstick adheres better and has intense color. Use translucent face powder or foundation to remove all color from your lips. Do not apply lip colour in excess. At the end you can blot your lips with tissue to remove any excess. It is essential to apply a second layer so that your lipstick stays on longer.

Master The Tricks Of The Trade
To make a small mouth look larger, apply a touch of foundation to your lips to smooth out the edges, add a little powder to make your lipstick last longer, then trace the outline of your lips with lip liner the same color as your gloss, enlarging the corners and thickness of your lips.

Relax your lip muscles after exfoliation
You might have some tension in your lips that is making them look tight, and this makes your lips look less kiss-worthy. One way to make sure your lips are relaxed when applying lip stick is to open them slightly, so that there’s a tiny sliver between your lips through which air can flow; not only will this relax your lips, but it’ll also make them look bigger

Step one
Prepare and prime the lips by applying a lip conditioner. Wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed, gently removing any excess product with a tissue.

Step two
Take your concealer and blank out the natural colour of your lips. Set the concealer on your lips using a translucent face powder the lip color bleeding.

Step three
Start at the cupid’s bow, apply lip liner going out towards the corner of the lips. Then follow the natural line of the bottom lip to create an outline for the lip stick.

Step four
Match your lipstick to your liner, and then use a lip brash to fill in the colour, working the inside of the lips out wards. Use a to cotton bud to remove any mistakes.

Step five
Blot the colour using a tissue pursed between your lips, the reapply another layer of lipstick to give you a solid, long lasting color

Step six
If you go for bold red lips, tone down the rest of your makeup. Stick to neutral shades on your eyes so they won’t fight your lips for attention