Getting Pregnant After A Break-Up & Having A Full Time Job!

Getting Pregnant After A Break-Up & Having A Full Time Job!

This is just a message to all the single mums and all the Divas out there that ABORTION is not the solution to people looking down on you, just because you have fallen pregnant.

 The pic on the left is the picture of me when I was 9 months pregnant.I want to take this opportunity to voice out to the ladies, more especially to the teenagers out there that even when it really freaks us ladies out when we’re single and discover that we pregnant, we need to think before thinking of doing an abortion.
Getting pregnant was hard for me because I was ever careful, but when I discovered I was pregnant at 6 weeks, I just told myself that ABORTION was the last resort.
I spoke to my few friends and family and like it happens in every person’s life; there are people who will always criticize on your doings, but it’s up to one to know what they want to become of themselves.
 Some told me to keep the baby and some wanted me to do an ABORTION. I thought of the murder and putting my life at risk, all that made me think more about life for long and what would become of me if I did what others wanted me to do and not what I wanted.Yes I was single, pregnant and heartbroken after thinking of the whole process of being a single mum to a child whose father had accepted the pregnancy but I hated him so much that I felt if he ever claimed to get my child away from me, I would kill him.
Below is a picture of Milton-Nchimunya and I when he was 5 months old.


He’s now 1 year 2 months.I also want to take this opportunity to ask the women to have hearts for helping each other when your friends need you the most. Sometimes I thought I could not go on with my life because of the pressure I got, but I made it through.

Many Thanks to Teckler Nalukui Kaingu-Moono and Womba Chiyaka who stood by me when I needed friends around and my best friend who I consider as a sister, Zodwa Khumalo. I prayed most of the time for God that He should one day make me a happy person again and He did just that. He blessed me with a beautiful bouncing baby boy and I named him after my papa, MILTON-NCHIMUNYA Swedi and he’s the happiest boy and makes me proud too.
So ladies out there, families and friends can make us do things we don’t even intend to do but we have to stand tall and stick to our desires/ instincts and not other’s wants in whatever we do.Stay blessed and stay real, children and precious and loving. Remember, God loves us all

By: Astridah Malala Hamuyamba.



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