HH : 2011 Polls Are Magnanimous

UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema says his party sees no reasons for the country to continue with the same leaders since independence.
He has since described the 20th September polls are magnanimous because Zambians should take out all old leaders.
Speaking in an exclusive interview,Mr Hichilema has said the electorate must aim for not just change but vibrancy in national leadership.
And Mr Hichilema has charged that the Electoral Commission of Zambia is not as independent as it should be to deliver a free and fair election.
Meanwhile, Mr Hichilema has further observed that the country has lost time and resources in the failed constitution making process.
And on taxation, Mr Hichilema has stated that the current regime is not fair as the country is losing out on almost 800 million dollars in revenue from the mines.
Meanwhile, UPND National Chairman, Edward Kasoko has resigned from the party and joined the MMD. Mr Kasoko, who is the immediate past Member of Parliament for Mwembeshi in Mumbwa, made his move today in the afternoon.
He is one of the immediate past MPs left out of the UPND final list of adopted parliamentary aspirants for this year’s general elections.