Police Stop Panji’s Political Meetings

Police have stopped Colonel Panji Kaunda from addressing political gatherings in Vubwi Constituency because his pact forum is a non-government organization.
And Col Panji has urged Zambians to hold Ruphiah Banda accounrable for interfering with the judiciary and other state institions.
Col Panji confirmed in an interview that police in Vubwi had barred him from addressing political gatherings because the pact forum was an NGO and refused to comply despite being told the organization was a limited company by guarantee.
He said he was forced to stay in Chipata last week instead of holding meetings in Vubwi Constituency because of the police order yet there were alot of issues that needed to be addressed such as the high levels of poverty among the people in the area and the country as a whole.
Col Panji further said those crediting Zambia on some economic achievements should first visit rural areas before they come up with their praises.
And commenting on the remarks by NDF President Ben Mwila who has been adopted to re-contest the Nchelenge seat on the MMD ticket despite being rejected by all the ruling party structures, that it would be abominable if the people of Luapula Province did not vote for President Banda because he freed the late Frederick Chiluba from his corruption cases, Col Panji said the statement confirmed that the President interfered with the judiciary and other state institutions.