Slap Dee Might Be Attending Marky 2’s Court Hearing

Slapee at work!

Sources have revealed that Slap Dee a Lusaka based Rapper might be attending Macky II’s  court hearing today.For a long time the two have had  beef for each other . The beef which reportedly started at the concert when    Slap Dee made a statement  after He  won the Born and Bred Awards for 2010 which pissed off Marky 2. Marky 2 then   released a song to diss fellow rapper   Slap Dee and then dissed the entire clan of Slap Dee’s XYZ crew.

What we still don’t understand is why  our officers have been charging(nchekelako)  about K50,000 to see Macky II at Ndola central police cells and if You want a seat at tomorrow’s court proceeding ati they will be  charging K20pin for a seat.

We’ll keep you updated .