Never Marry A Gynaecologist

By Bob

Gynaecologist are medical practitioners who deal with the health of the female reproductive system. Almost all modern gynaecologists are also obstetricians. An obstetrician is a medical doctor who specialises in taking care of pregnant women from the time of conception to childbirth and the immediate postnatal period. Simply put, Gynaecologists are paid to fin*er women on a daily basis. They are, plainly, babey surfers.

Gynecologists are some of the loaded fellows in this country. Because they earn big, gals are always seeking their services. However, there are reasons that disqualify them from being good marriage partners. Today, we reveal to you why you should never marry a gynaecologist.

Gynaecologists have seen it all. They look at every part of a woman almost on a daily basis. He knows you inside out and he doesn’t find you sexy at all – you’re no big deal to him. To crown it all, his surfing is not romantic because he has no sexual feelings. His surfing, therefore, is only meant to pass time.

While at home, a gynaecologist will always treat you as his specimen in the labour ward. He won’t value his wife (read vuvu) because he has seen many and will always compare yours with the several he has seen in the labour ward in the course of the day. If yours does not measure up to his expectations, he may decide to ignore you and turn the other side, regardless of your feelings.

These guys don’t have an ounce of feelings. All their feelings and sex appetite ‘migrated’ to the theatre.  He will treat you as a lifeless piece of wood in bed.

Vulnerable to STDs
There is a possibility of him contracting an STD from the women he fin*ers everyday and passing it on to you. If you marry a gynaecologist, you’re a constant target of diseases like candida, HIV, Syphilis and Ebola.

Most gynaecologists smoke like chimneys.  They (health workers) always tell us that smoking is harmful to one’s life but gynaecologists smoke as if their lives depend on it. They will justify their dreaded act in the name of killing off stress and nausea and attribute all this to their theatre work. If you marry one, he will feed you on smoke for the rest of your life – you will end up becoming a passive smoker.

A gynaecologist will never give you enough time. They are always busy admiring and taking care of certain babeys somewhere. They work for long hours both day and night coz they have different shifts. Most of them don’t get enough time to be with their families.

Booze heroes
Many gynaecologists are known for catching a swallow as if there is no tomorrow.
There are some who often raid pub. Some even go to the labour wards while drunk. You can guess what they do there.

Some gynaecologists are unreliable.
Those who steal drugs from government hospitals and sell them at exorbitant prices are an example. It is not surprising that when you go to a government hospital, the guy will refer you to his private clinic from where he will charge you highly.

Lousy Handwriting
Most of the gynaecologists have a poor handwriting. They scribble in such a way that an ordinary person cannot easily understand. We doubt whether their colleagues in the profession understand their handwriting. They play on your nerves by using formulae that will make you think that they have prescribed superb medication for your ailment.
But, you will be surprised that the drugs in question are actually aspirin or panadol!

Don’t keep secrets
Some gynaecologists have loose mouths.
They expose the secrets of their patients yet according to the medical profession, everything about their patients and clients should remain in that private room where they are mentioned. It is criminal for a doctor to reveal details about his patient’s health status.
However, some of them go against this code of conduct and reveal their patient’s confidential reports.

Some gynaecologists are irresponsible. They don’t care whether they intentionally cause death to their patients through reckless means. All they care about is the dime that gets into their wallet.

There are some gynaecologists who are too horny. Their horniness pushes them to the extent of shafting their patients.
This is because they spend most of their time looking at live vuvus. It becomes an obsession.
Some pregnant women have confessed that some doctors lure them into sex when they go for antenatal check ups. It is said these doctors tell them to go back for reviews after delivery. When the woman does that, she ends up in a sex orgy.
In brief, they ‘eat’ their patients just like their counterparts, the veterinary doctors.

Like all doctors, gynaecologists live a tricky lifestyle.
Being the health experts they are, some deny their families certain foods, claiming that they are harmful to their health. Yet they get somewhere and devour the same ‘harmful’ delicacy!

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