Mumbi Phiri : Am Still PF And Not Bitter To Be Left Out

Mumbi Phiri : Am Still PF And Not Bitter To Be Left Out

Immediate past PF Member of parliament For Munali, Mumbi Phiri has reaffirmed her support and has declared her allegiance to PF and has urged people to vote for Sata and Professor Nkandu Luo in her former constituency. She says she can not defect to any political party as PF is the only party that can change Zambia.
She says she is not bitter despite being left out, emphasizing that such positions should not be personalized. She will continue with campaigns and work with the PF.
This is contrary to media reports from the public media that she has defected to UPND after being left out which they said has  frustrated her.

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  1. CKM   August 10, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Lessons to learnt from the London Riots!

    The 2011 London riots are a series of public disturbances, lootings and arson attacks the earliest of which occurred in Tottenham, North London; others then occurred elsewhere in London and in some other areas of England. The events started on 6 August 2011 following the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old civilian, Mark Duggan, by officers of the Metropolitan Police Service

    A march by some 200 people in Tottenham became violent and descended into rioting. Disturbances continued into the following days and spread to other areas of the city, including Wood Green, Enfield Town, Ponders End and Brixton. Vandalism, arson, looting and violent disorder were also reported in several boroughs of London, extending as far south as Croydon. At least 35 police officers have been injured. On 8 August 2011, the widespread rioting and looting spread to parts of Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Kent and Leeds. Over 525 people have been arrested since the start of the disruption, and the Metropolitan Police have announced their willingness to use baton rounds against rioters should there be another night of violence on 9 August 2011.

    Various opinions have been expressed in the press and elsewhere of potential contributory factors and excuses for the unrest; these include the following:

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    Lets take heed – these are dangerous times we are living in. Lets learn from our friends. Who would have imagined that in a nation like Britain these riots and violence we are seeing could occur. A super power – our colonial masters!

    Their streets have been taken over by thugs. When the difference between the rich and the poor becomes so wide this is what happens.

    As we draw towards election day – please my countrymen lets think striaght. The levels of poverty are so high – Unemployement Levels are at there peak. So few people are in permanent pensionable Jobs.

    Politians musts not take us for a ride. The mood is right for a revolution in this country – we have seen in many countries the last 12 months – where the people have spoken and they have taken action.

    Enough is is Enough.

    Lets Rubish the MMD on 20th September – If they Steal our votes – lets do It London Style!

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