Team To Monitor Priniting Of Ballot Papers Arrive In South Africa.

Members of the team constituted to monitor the printing of ballot papers for the 20 September general elections have started arriving in South Africa.
Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager Cris Akufuna has told QFM in a telephone interview from South Africa that members of the team started arriving in Durban on Sunday and by press time others were expected to arrive yesterday.
Mr. Akufuna notes that the team includes the various stakeholders from the civil society political parties and the public and private media among others.
Mr. Akufuna, however, could not give further details saying he could only be able to give more details on the process of printing ballot papers commences.
The ECZ has contracted Universal Print group of South Africa to print the ballot papers for the for this year’s elections a move that has received criticism from the opposition political parties such as the PF.